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    Easy as ABC was never so true before! With LH Animal Alphabet your kid will have a lot of fun and very soon will become a master in alphabet.

    This new app from Learning Heroes will take your child to the fascinating journey through the world of letters and words. Charming animal characters have plenty of fantastic surprises for any young discoverer.

    Funny stories, lot of pictures, exciting animations, great music and voice of the narrator will help to understand the alphabet: how to write and spell letters and how to use them in words and sentences.

    The content of LH Animal Alphabet is so rich that your kid will never be bored with this app. Also you will be pleased with cute animals and stories that this app contains.

    We know that children are so curious about the world. That is why we have created this high quality app which will help them to discover and understand the world. LH Animal Alphabet is not just another ABC app. This is a great educational platform that your child will love from the first letter to the last one!

    Here you can find it:

    Itís as easy as it seems: learn and have fun - with Learning Heroes!
    02-17-2012 08:12 AM

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