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    A few month ago I was using an app called Print to PDF, once enabled, you'd be in safari and would go to print and intead of selecting a physical printer it would save the document to a pdf. I later found out that the app got pulled from the official App store and was no longer supported.

    It seems like it doesn't work in iOS5, since I was able to side load an IPA of it and it still wouldn't work, unless I'm doing something wrong.

    Could someone suggest a quick and simple way (preferable over the airplay interface just like print to pdf did) to print websites to a pdf right from my iphone/ipad? both are running 5.01. As mentioned, would prefer to have a simple interface instead of copying the website into a separate app and printing from there, but at this point, i'd even take that.

    Thanks for your suggestions.
    02-14-2012 09:25 AM
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    02-14-2012 12:40 PM
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    Alli that is very helpful, thanks!
    02-15-2012 11:27 AM
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    Alli that is very helpful, thanks!
    We aim to please!
    02-15-2012 12:54 PM
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    Thank you very much for detailed reviews and suggestions; I have come across one of them and noticed that I had to use their browser to print web to PDF from plus both options are pretty pricy. I guess I have no choice but I so wish the old app that was like 1.99 and would use AirPlay would still be somehow available, even maybe through cydia even ;(

    02-16-2012 07:34 AM
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    thank you for sharing
    03-08-2012 03:22 AM