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    Hi everyone,

    Inebriated Games has just released a Lite Edition of it's popular drinking game iKingz.

    So if you want a little taste of what it's all about, go and check it out.

    iKingz Lite Edition


    The Wheel of Doom – Spin the wheel and hope it doesn’t land on four drinks.

    Paper Scissors Rock – Battle King Beers. If you lose, there will be a drink penalty.

    Trivia - 50 Random/Funny Mutiple choice questions.

    Red or Black – Think you're psychic. Guess if the card will be red or black. If you’re correct you get to hand out drinks.

    Picture This – You have a 30 second timer to draw something in the category that King Beers says. If the other players can’t guess it or you're too slow. . . you guessed it, drink time!

    Spin the Bottle – Spin that bottle then pucker up or drink, the choice is yours.

    The Stopper – Some say it’s a game of skill, others say a game of luck.

    Mystery Box – choose out of three different boxes. What’s inside is a mystery.

    Three of a Kind – Touch the squares to reveal a number, if you get three of the same number you drink that number of drinks.
    02-12-2012 04:47 PM