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    Hi everyone,

    Inebriated Games has just released a Lite Edition of it's popular drinking game iKingz.

    So if you want a little taste of what it's all about, go and check it out.

    iKingz Lite Edition


    The Wheel of Doom Spin the wheel and hope it doesnt land on four drinks.

    Paper Scissors Rock Battle King Beers. If you lose, there will be a drink penalty.

    Trivia - 50 Random/Funny Mutiple choice questions.

    Red or Black Think you're psychic. Guess if the card will be red or black. If youre correct you get to hand out drinks.

    Picture This You have a 30 second timer to draw something in the category that King Beers says. If the other players cant guess it or you're too slow. . . you guessed it, drink time!

    Spin the Bottle Spin that bottle then pucker up or drink, the choice is yours.

    The Stopper Some say its a game of skill, others say a game of luck.

    Mystery Box choose out of three different boxes. Whats inside is a mystery.

    Three of a Kind Touch the squares to reveal a number, if you get three of the same number you drink that number of drinks.
    02-12-2012 04:47 PM