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    《Ninja Guard》The Most EXCITING and SPLENDID Village Defense Game

    Ninja Guard! Guard the village from damages!

    Ninja Guard is an exciting and challenging village defense game, and has been launched at Apple Store already. It comprises multiple stages and various bosses awaiting players to combat. The game’s components are just exquisite; and what is more, it is FREE!

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    This game’s leading character is a courageous and vigorous Ninja who is full of a sense of justice. To protect the village from evil monsters’ and bosses’ attacks, he has to defeat the enemies by wiping out them on his own continually.

    Meanwhile, fighting with numbers of diverse monsters coming to invade the village, Ninja Guard needs to be not only brave, powerful, but also “well-equipped”. When Ninja Guard wipes intruders, he will be rewarded and be able to barter for equipment and supplies to confront the following upcoming adversaries.

    Special skills (bet on it) and equipment/properties are necessary to defeat the enemies and conquer the challenges. “Ninja Guard” consists of 36 stages, 22 types of monsters, various helpful equipment/properties, numerous special skills, which gives players a brand new exciting game experience.

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    <One of special skills – Thunderbolt/ Lightning Strike>

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    Moreover, players may even show off their success by sharing their achievement at Facebook and Twitter or discuss the reflection upon Ninja Guard over there.

    ★★★Key Features★★★
    1.TERRIFIC: Gorgeous design and ravishing game scene
    2.EXCITING: Varied monsters & enemies are here waiting to challenge you; and each one of them has different characteristics
    3.CHALLENGING: Face diverse challenges! Multi-stages and various bosses await you!
    4.REWARDED: Get prizes to barter for weapons and supplies to equip the Ninja Guard
    5.FULFILLING & SENSE OF ACHIEVEMENT: Ninja Guard can become more strong and powerful by obtaining equipment and supplies at the shop
    6.BET ON IT:Various special skills supported to wipe out enemies

    Search & download "Ninja Guard", and guard the village now!!!

    Ninja Guard QR Code:

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    The game has been UPDATED recently!
    All the stages are available now!
    02-17-2012 01:29 AM

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