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    Hello everyone and welcome our new big game for iPad. Ill try to show you this iPad game development process, together with game graphics and user interface design.

    The game concept is a mixture of reversed Tetris, Critter Crunch and Lumines ideas. There is a strict distinction of the items Tiny Tiger should collect or avoid. Different meat items will make him grow up, which is not good in our case at all. There are only fruits and vegetables that are good for his diet. The tiger will be forced to eat an item in each line falling, and the challenge is to decide where to position the tiger before the horizontal line of items reaches him and to control the tiger while the speed of falling items increases.

    Level items (top to bottom):
    - Menu button
    - Time left indicator
    - Scores
    - Items status (the number of meat and non-meat items eaten)
    - Food items falling down in rows
    - Tiny Tiger itself
    - Right and left buttons to move

    Food in the game:
    - Fruits and vegetables
    - Special Fruits (Green Apple increases the score and resets the meat items eaten to zero; Super Red Apple increases the score dramatically and makes the Tiger shrink one size. If the tiger is at its smallest shape, then only score is changed).
    - Meat
    - Special Meat (Grilled Meat is smoking and, when eaten, makes the tiger grow up directly one step).

    Thats what happens when Tiny Tiger eats too much meat.

    What do you think about this iPad game graphics design? Please feel free to leave your comments and critique.
    02-08-2012 03:10 AM