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    Coming soon!

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    02-08-2012 02:45 AM
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    We are Gameday Inc which is a mobile game company located in Korea.
    We developed new game Help Purple and it will be released in Apple app store soon!

    Help purple is about the story that Purple gets into adventure to save friends and you can help Purples adventure. Sometimes you remove stones away and protect Purple from earthquake. Also you ought to wake Purple up after earthquake.

    Theres no language in Help Purple but you can play with Purples image and moving. Parts that need explanation are translated in 8 languages (English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Italy, France, German, Spanish).
    Please give us your interest in point and touch game Help Purple.
    02-15-2012 02:56 AM
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    "Help Purple" Launch Promotion!
    Help Purple is offered at a 50%-reduced price for a limited time.
    Retail Price: 1.99 > Special Price: 0.99

    Hi, my name is Purple.
    I'm about to jump into Huge's mouth. I have to find Huge Monster and save my friends.
    I need help from someone smart, someone whos really good at picture matching games.
    Wont you help me? Come join me and explore the world of Purple!

    ◆ Got nothing to do while waiting for your friends? Or are you just bored? This is the perfect game to kill time!
    Dive into the world of Purple and help Purple continue his adventure. You only need a few minutes at a time to find hidden items and solve mysteries.

    ■ Game Features

    → Cute Purple Character
    Purple is a goofy little character that reacts to your touch. Touch him and see what he does. He's so cute, you'll want to play with him all day!
    → Matching Pictures and Solve Hidden Mysteries!
    The goal of this game is to find hidden items and help Purple move forward.
    Youll have to think outside of the box to find and combine the items.
    → Evolving Abilities
    Each time you save an Arcus Friend (Rainbow God), Purple gains a new ability. These abilities include using fire to melt away water and light to illuminate hidden items.
    → Collection
    While the game is in progress, Collection items flash on the screen. Keep your eyes peeled and catch them before they vanish. 420 Collection items are available in this compact game.
    → Collection Trade
    Are you looking for specific Collection items? Use the Trade menu to search and trade items with players around the globe. Rare and precious Collection items are just a touch away!

    * About Purple
    There's a small village of weather gods in the clouds. Snow god Nix, rain god Imbir, and the Arcusesthe seven gods that color the rainbowall live there.
    One day, Huge Monster emerges and rampages through the village, swallowing everyone except Purple. Purple enters Huge's mouth to save his friends.
    You are Purple's helper. You will remove the rocks blocking paths or reconnect broken bridges to help him advance with his journey. This point-and-touch adventure game features special Collection items that can be traded with other players for additional fun.
    02-29-2012 02:01 AM