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    Ants Vs. Zombees for iPad

    Casual. Challenging. FUN. Ants Vs. Zombees takes the Superhero Mania right into your iPad. Battle Zombieber & his minions by summoning your Superhero Ants! Protect your base with Captain Ants' Mighty Shield, Iron Ants' Pulse Cannon or Osamants' destructive Blast. Cast Lightning Bolts & Laser Storms from the heavens. With over 30 challenging stages, tons of superheroes, skills & upgrades, AvZ will surely keep you glued to your iPad for hours.

    You will be defending the Anthills of Insectasia. During your journey, you will fight Zombees of different types while rescuing your fellow ant heroes. You can then summon them to aid you in battle. Collect loot from the Zombees to buy Skills & Upgrades from the Store.

    Game Features:
    *12 Unique Superhero Ants
    *12 Usable & Upgradable Skills
    *Battle Zombie Bees & Bosses
    *Tower/Base Defense Gameplay
    *30++ Challenging Stages
    *Tons of Unlockable Achievements
    *Store & Upgrade System
    *Retina Graphics
    *Challenge Mode - Gamecenter Enabled

    AvZ Official App site :
    Ants Vs. Zombees - Home

    AvZ Appstore link:
    Ants Vs. Zombees for iPad on the iTunes App Store
    02-06-2012 07:28 AM