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    iblackjack counter
    By Wael Company

    What is iblackjack counter ?

    The i black jack counter is a software / program which counts the drawn cards in the black jack game, and calculates the run count and the true count.

    How does the software do the calculations?

    This depends on the counting system you choose, each system gives certain value to the drawn cards.

    It is so easy to use.
    You don't have to remember any card value ,You need only to click on the drawn
    The Default setting is One deck, and Hi-Lo card counting system.

    You can :

    Choose the card counting system
    Choose the number of decks
    click on the drawn cards

    ( A,2,3 ,4,5,6,7,8,9,10/p(picture card))

    Then the software will display instantly the run count and the true count.

    When the count is negative, less than 0, the display of the run count and the true count will be in red.
    02-05-2012 05:48 AM