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    I was looking for an alternative to Dropbox and other online storage services mainly creating my own cloud without spending the money to do so, plus I wanted to keep my files on a local drive. I could have gotten a new WD Mybook Live and shared my files through there service that is free but I didnít have the $200 for the drive. I could have gotten my own domain but I didnít want to pay the $20-$30 a year. Then I found a service that is free or paid and for what I want to do the free service works just fine and itís called Tappin. Tappin lets me access what drives I want and with the free appís for the iPad and iPhone I can access all of my documents, no more having to remember to add files and sync in iTunes, no more having to upload and download from dropbox. If youíre like me and donít want to upload stuff to services like Dropbox and you need to have access to files on the fly for work or just personal use give it try.

    How it works
    02-03-2012 09:19 AM