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    Junowallet is a new 100% legit app to earn money in the form of giftcards

    international, no credit card, no bank acount needed

    My itunes 10$ giftcard redeemed for proof:

    You: Install Apps,Invite Friends,Fill Out Surveys,Like Fb Statuses; And Get Credited for Them!

    Step 1:
    Install "Junowallet Giftcards" from app store

    Step 2:
    Sign up with a real email address and fill in profile details

    Step 3:
    Put In Bonus Code AA191160

    Why Put In Bonus code??
    you get 0.25$ head start where as if you don't sign up with a code you start with 0.00$

    It is of course my code but it helps also you and also me so don't think that I am trying to scam you
    Moderators please don't lock but it serves others and not just myself.

    Step 4:
    Start Inviting Friends,Download Free Apps.
    And More!

    How Can I Get Rewarded??

    Rewards Per Install:
    Installing Free Apps 0.22$

    Rewards Per Invite;
    Awarded A Bonus Code when you sign up when someone signs up with your code
    you get-0.50$
    If your invitee invites someone you get 0.25$

    Rewards Per Fan:
    Like FB Statuses

    Rewards Per Tasks:
    Filling Surveys and more (changable)

    Rewards Per Video:

    Watch Videos-Coming Soon

    Good Luck ALL
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