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    Poker is being played for over centuries with lot of different variations and rules. Surely it's a very popular game in all its variations.

    Chkitsu.com has launched a unique, exciting and addictive variation of a memory/strategy game based on Poker. The new apps Repeat Poker for iPhone and Repeat Poker HD for iPad provide pure entertainment and fun for everyone. Repeat Poker is an innovative twist to a strategy game of forming poker hands. It tests your memory, patience and your decisions making skills. Play and find out if you can really count cards .

    And yes you have to be opportunistic .You can use good strategy and patience to get most points with a Royal flush. Or you can place the cards to make a pair so that the remaining cards get you the next best hand. The game demands you to think and make decisions on each of the 52 cards dealt. There are four levels, with all 52 cards used at each level. Post your top scores to FB & Twitter and let the world know your gaming prowess. Also compare yourself with the top ten scorers in the world.

    Also this coming weekend that is 4th and 5th Feb game will be available for FREE.

    You can download this exciting new game from AppStore

    Repeat Poker - http: // itunes.apple.com/app/repeat-poker/id490476701
    Repeat Poker HD - http: // itunes.apple.com/us/app/repeat-poker-hd/id496219136
    02-01-2012 05:40 AM

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