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    Like many of us I used to spend too much time on my iPhone and iPad. Experts call it Digital Addiction and my therapist calls it ADD but no one found a cure. Until I did...

    The idea behind inCharge is simple yet powerful. The iPhone (or any other mobile system) can multitask but only one app can show on your screen at any time. Thus, if your iPhone has inCharge open, no other app is being used.

    I am using this method (which I have patented) to help users make a decision to NOT use their device for a certain amount of time. If during that time they deviate from their decision and start using the device (which requires exiting inCharge), the system will start sending them pop-up notification, encouraging them to return to inCharge. In addition, inCharge records the user behavior and present it as a graph, so a parent or therapist can view the data later.

    Future versions will add some more methods of encouraging users to not use their device when time is inappropriate.

    You can read more about inCharge at www.inChargeApp.com or download at App Store - inCharge

    Please feel free to leave here your comments and feedback so I can incorporate them in future version.
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