1. chavezb's Avatar
    I'm new to the forum can anybody suggests me unit converter app for iPhone?

    Need your valuable suggestions here!

    Thanking you in advance
    01-27-2012 05:46 AM
  2. lawls's Avatar
    i use an app called units, its free
    01-27-2012 04:10 PM
  3. phessler's Avatar
    I use an app called MultiConvert and it is free as well.
    01-28-2012 05:44 AM
  4. chavezb's Avatar
    I'm just checking those apps thank you very much!
    01-28-2012 06:29 AM
  5. Rockdog97's Avatar
    I use Converter+

    free and in the AppStore..
    01-30-2012 03:15 PM
  6. Rockupied's Avatar
    There's a ton of those out there. All the ones above are pretty good and convenient to use.
    02-01-2012 01:18 PM