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    If you have played Wordfeud or Words with friends, then you are going to love this.
    This is a social dice game.

    Yatzymate is the third game I created for the iPhone / iPad, but
    it's the first game that is turn based. It uses Game Center's new turn-based feature.
    Yatzymate is a game similar to Yahtzee/Yatzy, you can play with your friends around the world.
    Would you rather play against a random player, the IOS's Game Center will find a randomly chosen player.
    There can be up to 4 players in each game, and you can have 16 games going at once.

    Yatzymate have multiple leaderboards, and many achievements.
    There is a leaderboard that takes care of the high score, a leaderboard that takes care of the number of times
    you have won, and a final leaderboard that takes care of the number of times you've given up. There, you will not
    want be highly ranked.

    The game is free, so I hope you will download it. Doing so you are guaranteed lots of fun.

    Once you have tested it so please write us here at the forum if there are things you miss, or if
    you simply like the game.

    Link to app store: bit.ly/znfaNE
    01-26-2012 03:49 PM
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    Version 1.01 of Yatzymate is now on App Store.
    -Added a button to make it easier to refresh a match when updating goes slow, so you don't have to open Game Center everything.
    -More random dices.
    -Some bug fixes with twitter share button, and some fixes to the win/lose when users resign.
    -Fixed issue with the numberOfWins leaderboard.
    02-02-2012 03:30 AM
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    A little update on Yatzymate:
    Version 1.1.1 is now available on App Store. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and come with tips for improvement.
    New exciting things in this version:
    -You can now buy the full version of Yatzymate. You will have a local play mode. You can play against yourself, against your iPhone / iPad or send the iDevicen around the room. The game will also be free of advertising.
    -Easier notification. Instead of pop-up comes just as a note on top that tells you that it's your turn in another game.
    -The ability to undo if you get stroke.
    -Small changes in GUI.

    I hope those of you who have downloaded it will like the update.
    And to you other the game is here: bit.ly/znfaNE

    If anyone have any feedback for further improvements so feel free to shout out
    02-29-2012 12:26 PM