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    Target Blaster is a fast-paced, reaction-based game that requires quick thinking and even quicker hands. The objective is simple: tap the targets and destroy them. There is one catch, though: the targets have to be destroyed in a specific order. Don't worry, we've tagged them for you.

    Each Blast Pack contains 30-40 levels, but there's no time for rest in between each level - more targets will appear just as quickly as you destroy them. So the question is, how fast are you? With 10 unique Blast Packs and more on the way, the fun never stops.


    10 unique Blast Packs (5 included; 5 available for unlock)
    310 levels
    Game Center integration
    Fun, fast-paced game play

    If you enjoy quick puzzle games that challenge your brain and get your adrenaline pumping, then Target Blaster is the game for you.

    Search 'Target Blaster' in the App Store.
    01-26-2012 02:43 PM