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    Biography. The book about people who changed the world.

    Every century had eminent people who amazed the society with their talents, inventions and discoveries. They made the world we live in today. Do you know them all?

    Download from the App Store: Biography - A Journey With History

    Biography, interactive history book, takes you on a journey with worlds most influential people. Biographies of philosophers, scientists, physicians, religious leaders, political leaders, artists and the worlds greatest composers are now available at your fingertips.

    You have an opportunity to go inside the minds and see the world through the eyes of the most talented people of all times. You will find the description of their early lives, accomplishments, major events, death and selected quotes of people who made valuable contributions to society. All biographies come with photos, audio and illustrations.

    70+ biographies of eminent people of all times
    High quality photos with audio accompaniment
    Designed especially for the iPad
    Interactive design and easy-to-use interface

    More biographies will be added soon. Stay tuned.

    01-23-2012 04:29 AM