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    I just switched from BB and haven't found a travel app that is able to add flights to the main calendar like on the BB.
    My iphone syncs to a MS Exchange server for work and I want my travel details to go to that calendar so coworkers and employees know that I am on a flight and not to schedule a meeting during those times.

    I've tried TripIt,TripCase, and Worldmate and none of them have the ability to add travel events to my main work calendar. Instead they all add an internet calendar feed to Outlook which essentially adds another calendar instead of adding the events to the existing calendar. Pretty useless since I am the only one that sees it.

    I used Worldmate on my BB and was surprised to find that it is better on BB than iphone. Odd that they can make things work seamlessly on a dying platform, but can't do the same on iphone.

    Why can't the apps add events to an existing calendar that syncs back to Exchange? Seems like a simple thing.

    **Update: TravelTracker or TravelTracker Pro have a calendar mirroring feature which does exactly what I was wanting. Plus it pulls travel info from TripIt. It's not a free app, but worth the few bucks just in the time savings alone.
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