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    The game of Tens and Twos is based on the classic card game of tens and twos. It is really easy to play.

    If you don't know how to play there is an interactive tutorial and game rules for simple and fast learning.
    There are also 21 Achievements including a secret one and 3 leaderboards to rank yourself against your friends.

    The game is supported for both iPhone and iPad.

    The game has retina graphics and upbeat music and sounds to keep you immersed in the game.
    The computers are intelligent and it is advertisement free!


    - High-Resolution Retina Display Graphics
    - Intelligent Computers to play against
    - Interactive Tutorial
    - Game Center compatibility
    - Upbeat music
    - iPad support
    - Advertisement FREE

    Many more updates to come

    iTunes link: Tens and Twos iPhone App

    Website for the App: Tens and Twos

    Tens and Twos was given a great reviews and is gaining positions in the top charts quickly.
    The key hit point that everyone loves is the interactive tutorial. Even if you don't know how to play you can easily learn.
    The current version is 1.2 but an update is coming out soon.

    App Advice reviewed version 1.2:
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    Arcade Life rated version 1.1:
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    Tens and Twos is a perfect card game for both iPhone and iPad.

    01-19-2012 12:00 PM