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    Chewy Balls HD is now available for FREE on Appstore

    Chewy Balls HD is a quirky, amazing and a refreshing game that will keep you occupied throughout. This game will put your shooting skills to an ultimate test. The game objective is to unite 3 or more similar chewy balls and make them detonate with the help of a catapult. The game intricacy will increase as the game progresses.

    Chewy Balls HD is a truly addicting game that will leave you intrigued. This is a game that will not exhaust its possibilities and will provide you with hours of satisfying entertainment.

    Warning: The game will be over if the chewy balls reaches the surface

    This game will drive you crazy throughout. Seize away Chewy Balls and have fun playing this exciting game for FREE.

    Aim, shoot and explode!!!

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    01-19-2012 06:18 AM