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    iHome Center

    iHome Center is the perfect tool for managing all the data from your home. Control everything that is going on in your home, and plan what is going to happen next. Keep track of your bills, your employees, your home repairs and even plan your vacations.

    iCloud integrated:
    Whenever you add, modify or delete information, iCloud will sincronize those changes and automatically apply them in all your devices.

    iHome Center features:


    With this feature you can see all the things that are going on in your home today: What employees are working, what employees has license, is the birthday of one of your employees?, do you have to pay any bill?, is there a repair going on in your home, do i need to arrange something for the holidays? and so forth. You will se that is extremely useful.
    But there is more. You can get the information not only for the current day, but all the days you want. Select a specific date and the app will show the information for that day.


    This is awesome. Here you can keep track of all your expenses this month. For example, how much money do you need to pay to your employees, the costs of your bills and home repairs. All this information is shown to you with a nice chart. But it gets better: When you tap on the chart, you will see the detailed information for the category selected. For example, when you tap the bill section in the chart, you will se a new window that details to you all your bills and the money you need to pay for them.


    Its time to start organizing your bills in a totally new way. Here you can set up as many bills you want. You can assign an estimated date for paying this bill and how often you pay this bill. For example, you can add your newspaper bill in here, and set "repeat all weeks". So, when you open the expenses tab, you will see this bill repeated every week. Also, you can organize your bills by putting them into different categories.


    Now you will have everything under control. This tool allows you to manage your employees in a very powerfull way. First of all, you can add all the personal and contact information of your employees. You can add the base salary and the amount of license days this employee has in a year. Also, you can add them to different categories for a better organization. Once you set up this basic information, you are able to control the license of your employee, by adding days o periods of license. You can easily keep track how many remaining days of license this employee has. Another thing you can manage is salary discounts or bonuses for a especifi month or for ever. Then, in the "Timetable" section, you can see the schedule of this employee, if he is working or not, when is licensed, so forth.


    There is no doubt about something: when you plan your holidays with time, they usually are better. Keeping that concept in mind, this module was designed for you to create "Tasks" or things you need to take care of before going on holidays. For example, give license to your employees, leave the dog with your parents, find someone to take care of your children or your house.

    Home repairs:

    When something breaks down in your house, you need to call someone to fix it, and of course, you need to pay that person. In this section you can keep all this information. You can set the date and hour when the person you hire is comming and later on, how much does it cost you.

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    this looks pretty interesting.. I will try it out.. I used the 2nd code.. Thanks!!!
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