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    Gamers, Try out this game and please let me know your feedback. Thanks!!!

    Welcome to Blind Frog, a game where you need to help feed the frog, who cannot see very well and adorns a pair of thick glasses to get around.

    Have you done your good deed for the day? Well, here is your chance. Help the adorable blind frog get his daily fill of bugs!

    Join him in various settings, the beach, the city, and the pond and make life easy for him. But beware of obstacles and dangers lurking around. You have to watch out for the saws that could snip his tongue, or the birds that prey on the same bugs. Did I mention the snake and his intentions?


    - The signature of your swipe is probably the most fun part of the game. There are several different ways to swipe the frogs tongue to get the bug. A common one is to swipe straight, like a straight shooter or ninja style, but this may not be the ideal, with obstacles galore. Others are a cowboy Indiana Jones style or a S-shaped fly fisher swipe.

    - Colorful real life animated actions bring out the characters of the frog, bird, snake, bee, and each of the bugs.

    - 30 levels of abundant fun of feeding the frog.

    Have fun feeding the blind frog!

    01-18-2012 05:10 PM