1. phillies20's Avatar
    have a question on this app before I shell out $5... I currently have access to my work email via owa using any web browser. It seems this app is the same thing without having to use a browser?? So I wouldn't need my companies server or permission if I already have owa access? just not sure what this app is or does.. anyone know?
    01-18-2012 10:31 AM
  2. dpscott's Avatar
    Just use Mail if u can. Save your money
    01-18-2012 10:34 AM
  3. dmt316's Avatar
    U can set Ur email up through exchange in your settings. It's easy to do. All you need is the owa address user name and password and u r set
    01-18-2012 10:34 AM
  4. RemmyZero's Avatar
    i am unable to access my OWA via the iPhone exchange protocols due to IT restrictions so i opted to buy the $5 program for accessing my OWA and i personally think it's great and so convenient. the only downside is that it will not alert you to new mail but you can always auto-forward everything as pushmail to a google account so you know when you get new mail.
    01-18-2012 11:10 AM
  5. phillies20's Avatar
    I tried that and it kept saying it didn't recognize me... only thing that works is using a web browser using owa. it works but a pain. would be much easier with an app where you don't have to sign in everytime. Remmy, thanks..I sent you a PM.

    It sounds like it will work. just trying to learn about it before spending the money. thanks everyone.
    01-18-2012 11:41 AM
  6. phillies20's Avatar
    I ended up getting the app and it works perfectly!!! $ well spent. Thanks
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    01-18-2012 08:32 PM