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    A digital notepad, iota combines the power of today's modern smartphones with the ease and familiarity of a physical notepad.

    To celebrate the release of our Windows Phone version of this app, iota's available for half price ($0.99) until the end of February in the App Store.

    Visit astraea-software.com for more information & videos of iota in action.


    There's no "hunting & pecking" for navigation controls, the gesture-based navigation lets you navigate your notes with the flick of a finger or thumb, browsing your notes just as you would those in a physical notepad.

    There's more to capturing information than just text. Use your camera to snap a picture straight to a note or select one from your library of photos. Keep documents from e-mail or other applications by opening a document with iota to create a note and clip the document to it.

    As well as speeding up the jotting down of information into notes, iota makes finding them again as simple as typing in a few keywords. Filter your notes according to a keyword or the note's origin. Creating a new note with an active filter ensures the notes match the filter's parameters.

    With iota it's easy to exchange notes via HTML e-mail. Other users of iota can import an archived copy of the note from the e-mail straight into their digital notepad with a couple of taps.

    Your digital notepad provides:

    uncluttered & familiar user experience
    effortless navigation of your notes
    duplicate a note with a single gesture
    quickly categorise your notes with keywords
    sift notes according to keyword and origin
    exchange notes via html e-mail
    import exchanged notes into iota with a couple of taps
    configurable note styling
    clip images to your notes
    clip documents to your notes
    clip a location and map to your notes
    supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion
    01-16-2012 02:22 PM