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    8/10 - iFanzine magazine: "Its mix of path drawing with traditional Tower Defense elements and a fun story leaves Siegebreaker a clear standout in the genre; if you're a strategy fan, you simply must give this a download!"

    8/10 - AppGamer.net: "Crazy Monkey have done a great job in creating a fresh approach to the genre, with the added RPG elements and story only adding to the quality of the finished product."

    The Brookelands are under siege! A mysterious evil has arrived, turning all the happy knights and peasants into vile monsters! Only the kings remain, but the undead armies are marching - who can save the kings?

    Luckily, fate has chosen Keith, a famous rockstar, to be its champion, and sent him to the castles to save the kings before it's too late.

    A confused Keith must use his guitar, his wit and reckless attitude to form a team of siegebreakers. Only the siegebreakers can liberate the Brookelands' many castles from certain destruction.

    Siegebreaker is available now for all iOs devices as a universal app.

    Key Features:
    Control your team of wacky characters - tactical placement is they key to victory.
    Unlock characters and abilities in Siegebreaker's exciting Campaign Mode.
    Crisp HD graphics and symphonic score.
    Collect Power Orbs in Siege Mode to upgrade your team's stats and skills.
    Unlock a secret fourth character!
    Compete on Game Center's global leaderboards for the best time in the game's many Siege Mode levels.

    Free to play

    "Siegebreaker" is available on iTunes & Android Market
    01-16-2012 08:18 AM