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    Have you always dreamed of knowing how much cost you a trip with your car ?
    From now on we stop guessing! Fuel calculator Int is a world wide app that lets you, and anyone else , know the distance, current speed, fuel quantity, fuel consumption average and most importantly the cost of your trip!! Just like in a cab!

    All you need to do is :

    Choose your fuel and distance units
    Choose your car
    Start driving!!

    Advanced calculation that considers traffic and high acceleration of the vehicle.
    Maps ,to see where you are .
    Full international support ,Metric, US, and Imperial
    units(MPG(US), MPG(IMP), KPL, L/100KM, G/100KM).
    Mileage, fuel consumption, fuel quantity and speed tracking.
    Expense tracking.
    Save your trips.
    Calculate trips details and expenses.
    App works in background mode.
    Share your trip details on Facebook.

    The advanced calculation was determined by our engineers to achieve the most accurate results to your fuel consumption and trips costs.

    Fuel calculator works on GPS while you drive so you do not need to estimate the distance you are going to drive.
    Gets accurate results , fun and easy to use!!
    01-14-2012 07:44 AM