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    Name:*The Little Plane - First Journey
    Publisher:*Avakai Games
    Genre:*Action Game
    Launch Date:*14th January, 2012

    Video Trailer: Search for "The Little Plane Game" on Youtube

    Description (as mentioned on Appstore):
    "The Little Plane - First Journey" is the first in a series of Little Plane adventures.*

    In this game, you have to guide the plane and avoid crashing into buildings. Also be wary of the mean birds - they are out to get you.*

    Note/Warning: You have to pick up as many precious fuel drops as you can - if you want to travel longer. Otherwise you run out of fuel and the game ends!*

    ★ Don't be fooled by the simple look of the game. Though it is easy to get started with, it is very hard to master! ★*

    ★ If you are able to reach 2012m - something interesting awaits you! ★*

    Choice of two funky background scores*
    Easy to start - hard to master*
    Single Touch Control*
    Retina Quality Graphics*
    Attractive Artwork*
    Fun to play*

    ----------------------About *----------------------
    The Little Plane is the first game from Avakai Games, an indie game studio based in Hyderabad, India. Please check out our website (avakaigames.com) for more info and game videos. Avakai Games is part of PixelSutra, a design studio.
    01-12-2012 03:22 PM

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