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    CAS Calc P11 1.3
    Device: Compatible with iPad
    Category: Education
    Price: $11.99
    Version: 1.3(iTunes)

    CAS Calc P11, a fully developed scientific calculator for the iPad, comparable to Maple and Ti92/Ti89.

    CAS Calc P11 delivers advanced features such as zoom and move for the plots as well as e-mailing and printing directly via Airprint. The support of external Bluetooth Keyboards makes working with the iPad app extremely comfortable, additionally a built in QWERTY Keyboard is also included in the app.

    Version 1.2 delivers new functions, a script editor and a few fixes from the previous version.

    The optimization for ARM6, ARM7 and Dual Core makes it extremely versatile.
    The input format can be either MAPLE, TI-Style or C-Style, so that full flexibility is given.
    The user manual consists of more than 300 pages, which itself shows the power of CAS Calc P11.
    See below a few highlights of CAS Calc P11 as well as an incomplete list of the functions of CAS Calc P11.

    Full Symbolic Cas System

    Pretty Print Out

    Most Mathfunctions are included (around 1200 Functions)

    Up to 10 Functions in one plot- Plot supports zoom and move

    Results can be directly printed via Airprint

    Send Results and Plots via e-mail

    Supports external Bluetooth keyboard

    ARM6, ARM7 and Dual Core optimized

    QWERTY Keyboard included

    Included Manual with more than 300 pages

    Choose Input format as MAPLE, TI-Style or P11-Style

    Latex Parser

    Direct FAQ support

    Costumer feedback:"I love this program! This brings back memories which resembles just like the TI-89/Titanium! However, I found a bug (or two): When opening the app, the screen appears flipped (180 degrees) whereas the normal help, info, or other settings are in normal position. Please fix this rotating issue! Thank you very much!"

    Maple is a registered Trademark of Maplesoft, INC; Ti92/Ti89 are registered Trademarks of Texas Instruments, INC

    What's New in Version 1.3

    Matrix input added

    Back in help added

    new command runlatex() added

    Bug fixes

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