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    Puffer Holiday Edition

    A new addition to the Puffer Train series of family-friendly games for the iPhone and iPod Touch platform. Puffer Holiday Edition uses a snowy winter setting and Holiday themed music to present increasingly challenging train puzzles. You can solve puzzles using both Zen mode - a kids friendly format with unlimited moves per puzzle or Star mode - an online competitive format where players scores allow them to earn points, collect bonuses, and open new levels for play.

    Fully localized in English, French, German and Spanish, Puffer Holiday Edition shows that all the World loves a Train!

    Screenshot - http://www.shellydata.com/images/PufferHoliday1.jpg

    The game starts off simply but quickly grows more complex. Youll find yourself
    * Arranging tracks
    * Bridging rivers
    * Tunneling through mountains
    * Collecting reindeer from the tracks
    and creating railroad paths that allow the little locomotive to run.

    Like Puffers Train Challenge and Puffers Train Challenge Lite, Puffer Holiday Edition is fully integrated with Apples Game Center providing leaderboards and a range of achievements to be earned and shared online with friends.

    App Store Link - App Store - Puffer Holiday Edition

    Shelly Data Doodles also provides a free online Players Forum where puzzlers and gamers from around the world can come together to share tips, tricks and puzzle solutions with one another.

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    Puffer Holiday Edition is a free downloadable App and our Holiday Gift to You!

    Hope you like it!

    01-04-2012 07:26 PM