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    Multiponk, by Febo Studio
    $4.99, ***** (universal binary)


    Advanced version of Pong!
    Addictive gameplay
    Multiple game modes


    Two players on iPhone can be difficult (four players on iPad is easier)

    Pong is back, and ready to take on the world. At least that is the first thing I thought when I saw the Multiponk game available for the iPad and iPhone (universal binary). Multiponk uses a beautiful wooden game board to deliver the Pong experience to a new set of modern gamers.

    The idea is simple. You have a paddle that you can move back and forth. So does your opponent. There is a ball that move around the middle. Dont let the ball get past your paddle! Sounds easy, but when you throw in various power ups, bumpers to reflect the ball, and even start having opponents not lined up directly opposite each other, it become a little more difficult.

    When playing singly, you can play in one of two play modes AI Revenge or High Score Challenge. In AI Revenge, you play against the CPU. In High Score Challenge, you are just trying to play against yourself in either classic (same as AI, but no opponent), flash, crazy, or death ball mode. In multiplayer mode, you can choose between flash, crazy, baby, or death ball. Flash mode is when you have a little electricity on your paddle that accelerates the ball. Death ball is when you have balls keep on being added to the game, and each one lost is a life lost. Crazy mode is, well, crazy insane power ups, lighting storms, gravity being turned on, etc. (the one that got me was reversing the controls!).

    Playing on the iPhone by yourself is great, but the two player mode on the iPhone got a little cramped. On the iPad, the multiplayer modes work much better there is a lot of room to move around, plus you can have up to four players (each with one side of the arena) playing against each other.

    I found this to be a great re-envisioning of Pong. It was fun, and the multiplayer mode put it over the top in terms of enjoyment. I wish there was a retro mode to play, where you could have a look alike screen for Pong, but absent that I found this game to be loads of fun and very addictive playing both by myself and with others.

    All in all, Multiponk is a fun, addictive, and fast paced game. With a multi-player option, and many different game modes, it promises to keep a players interest for quite some time. The fact it is a universal binary is great, because four players on the iPad is the best way to go. For $4.99, it is a bit steep for a casual game, but I predict that this universal binary will be an app that will be used quite often. Five out of five stars.

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