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    vox.io allows you to make free calls to other vox.io users and convenient calls to any traditional phone over 3G and Wi-Fi.

    Make calls to any other person who has vox.io installed on their iPhone/iPod or is using vox.io web, anywhere in the world for free. vox.io can ring a traditional phone or mobile in up to 170 countries for convenient local rates.

    ★Talk for as long as you want★
    Vox.io to vox.io calls are free, so you can chat the day away with your friends and family. We know every second counts.

    ★Bye, bye numbers★
    Never share your 12 digit number again. With vox.io you just share your profile link (vox.io/you). It fits perfectly in email signatures, social profiles and on business cards.

    ★Bring your friends★
    You dont want to re-enter all of those 1337 phone numbers youve been collecting. Import your phonebook in a few taps and access it from vox.io on your iPhone and on the web.

    ★Don't interrupt, invite★
    Create a vox.me link, share it and get called back when your friend is ready. No more interruptions, no more busy tones. And your friend does not even have to sign up.

    ★Get your calls answered★
    vox.io will always place calls to non vox.io mobiles with your phone number, so your friends know you are calling.

    Thousands of people around the world are using vox.io to communicate every day, to stay in touch and have long conversations.

    ★Why vox.io?★
    ➔ Simple, clean design
    ➔ Superb call quality
    ➔ Free calls between vox.io users (both iOS and web)
    ➔ Free international calls with other vox.io users
    ➔ Convenient local and international calls to regular phones
    ➔ Import your contacts and connect with them in a few taps
    ➔ Synced contacts and call history between iOS and web
    ➔ invite your friends for calls (they don't need an iPhone or vox.io account)
    ➔ Send SMSes for a convenient rate, wherever you are.

    With vox.io you can make calls straight from your browser.

    Need Help? E-mail us at support[at]vox.io or follow us on Twitter @vox_io

    - Works smoothly on iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4th-generation, iPad, iPad 2 (but not the iPhone 3G)
    - vox.io is a data intensive application. Make sure to consult your data plan or disable 3G calls in the application settings.
    - vox.io is not a replacement for your regular phone and does not support emergency calls

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    01-04-2012 11:54 AM