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    You've got to Roll with it.
    Get crazily hooked as this madly addictive , but simple game takes you to new heights.

    One more go, just one more is going to be the catch line as the Red ball must be saved at any cost! It's not gonna stop rolling so the platform game is going to come crashing down unless you utilize your 'Power Jumps' and 'Power Rolls'

    Higher and higher up the platforms is the name of this madly addictive game. Oh and did we forget to say that it's fun , a lot of fun, always keeping you on your toes to beat the previous heights. The idea is not to be a fall down game but to keep on jumping! (oh, and did we mention rolling? )

    Sometimes you're big, sometimes it's small and it just doesn't know if it wants to go fast or slow. But the ball does know he's got to keep on rolling!

    ...roll.ball.jump: Lowercase Name, Uppercase Fun... -- The iPhone App Review

    "...It's a great "pick up and play" sort of game..." -- Gamer App Store review.

    ● Timeless and madly addictive game play
    ● For everyone, if you like fun that is.
    ● Optimized for retina display on iPhone 4, 4S.
    ● Let music from your own music library inspire you to new heights

    Future Updates:
    ● Expect inspirational and exciting Themes
    ● Multiplayer. Only one thing more fun than jumping and rolling, is jumping and rolling to win.
    ● Collect game-changing Power ups.
    ● Additional game modes (tilt, kids-safe)
    and a whole lot more...

    How to play:
    Time your jumps with sharp reflexes and finger swipes
    I ...can't No problem, 'Power Jump' for that extra boost.
    Uh Oh! Wrong Way! No problem 'Power Roll' to change direction.
    Fall down and it's an end to your rolling and jumping.

    Can you master the red ball and be the jumps master? Prove it! Now let's roll!

    Available now at the App Store for .99 cents.

    Check our website for more information, screen shots, reviews, video, etc...

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