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    ★★★★ Featured in iTunes ★★★★

    This lovely sport game set beautiful sea as the background, with very smart characters and nice sound, proper for all you, guys, girls and also kids. Fun game makes life colorful.

    Bring your soccer skills to iPhone/iTouch,test your football header skills to the max. Shoot the basketball into the basket in fresh style. You don't have to be a fan of football/soccer/basketball to enjoy this easy to learn yet tricky to master game!

    ∞∞∞ How to play ∞∞∞
    * Tilt the device to move the player left and right
    * Tap the screen to let the player jump and head the ball
    * One ball in the basket, one score
    * 5 minutes countdown no matter ball drops to the ground

    End credits = your scores - rival scores

    ∞∞∞ Features ∞∞∞
    * Three levels to choose - The rival is more and more smart and the basket is higher too
    * Nice music and sound effect
    01-04-2012 03:35 AM