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    iKingz is like no other party game on the market.
    Itís a fast paced hilarious social event.

    iKingz takes the classic game of Kings or The Kings cup and mixes it with an insane asylum.

    How do you play iKingz? Simple, place a cup in the center of a table and download iKingz.

    If you pick a King, pour some of your drink in the cup. If you get the last of four Kings, unfortunately you have to drink the cup.


    The Wheel of Doom Ė Spin the wheel and hope it doesnít land on four drinks.

    Paper, Scissors, Rock Ė Battle King Beers. If you lose, there will be a drink penalty.

    Red or Black Ė Think you're psychic. Guess if the card will be red or black. If youíre correct you get to hand out drinks.

    Picture This Ė You have a 30 second timer to draw something in the category that King Beers says. If the other players canít guess it or you're too slow. . . you guessed it, drink time!

    Spin the Bottle Ė Spin that bottle then pucker up or drink, the choice is yours.

    The Stopper Ė Some say itís a game of skill, others say a game of luck.

    Mystery Box Ė choose out of three different boxes. Whatís inside is a mystery.

    Three of a Kind Ė Touch the squares to reveal a number, if you get three of the same number you drink that number of drinks.

    Who needs cards anymore? With iKingz you can take the game anywhere. Take iKingz down to the pub or be the party starter at the next house party.

    Check out the iKingz DEMO on YouTube:
    12-31-2011 09:08 PM

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