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    'Four on Paper' new App in AppStore

    Four Game in one App

    Take "pen and paper" and start playing!
    As a real pastime doodle your scratch pad during a break from work or study or during a train journey or a short trip on the subway or on the bus stop or just lying on your sofa.
    4 on paper is an application that includes 4 exciting games.
    From the classic Sudoku puzzles through Secret Code and Square, and to the best-known Hangman.
    Place the right numbers in the grids in the classic game of Sudoku. Guess the hidden code with fewest possible attempts in secret code. Try to place the 100 numbers in the blue box 10x10 in Square. Save our little man, before it's too late in the classic hangman game!
    4 fun pastimes all together in one App ... which do you want to start with?

    Try it, have fun and enter your review, thanks to all !!!
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