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    Voice Secretary-quickly record reminders by simply speaking to your iPhone
    by G-power
    With voice Secretary, you will never miss any important meeting or event even when you are engaged in busy business or driving a car. It works as your personal secretary. Everything is readily available even when the app is turned off. Its an amazing app which is worthy of owning for those who are hard to organize the schedule successfully.

     Time-saving. It helps you save lots of time. Just turn on the software, record, and set the time and everything is done.
     Auto reminding. You can receive the reminders with no need to open the application or connection with network, only when the phone is on.
     Easy to add reminders. Click the big button, simply shake the phone or start the recording by proximity sensor.
     Email your reminders. Send your voice reminding to your friends or family members by Emails as easily as sending a file.
     Time delay function. You will feel easy to delay the reminder when your hands are full and no schedules will be missed.
     Backup and sync up. With voice secretary, never worry about the loss of data. Backup your audio data to your PC, Dropbox or iTunes through Wi-Fi and sync up your voice files in Dropbox and iTunes.
     Support multiple languages. Support English, simplified Chinese, Chinese traditional, Japanese, Deutsch, Franaise, 한국어, Русский, Portuguese, Italiano, Espaol, etc.
     Dozens of reminder sounds. You can choose your favorite reminder sounds out of thirty ringtones.
     Security guaranteed. Without the passcode in your phone, nobody will know the content of the voice reminding. Help to protect your private information.
    12-29-2011 09:12 PM