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    I would like to introduce you our app, called ABCKit an iOS app (iPad / iPhone) for learning letters and letter sounds based on the Montessori methodology.

    The app has 3 sections know, hear and write. In the know section each screen contains an uppercase letter and a drawing of an object starting with that letter. It says the letter sound and the name of the object and touching the screen will get it to repeat.

    The next section is hear. In this section you learn both the names of the letters and the letter sounds, it shows both upper and lowercase letters.

    The final section write gives you the option of practicing writing upper or lowercase letters, with an arrow to show you the direction in which to draw the stroke. If the child goes outside the lines they can start again from the point they went out at.

    ABCKit was nominated as the 3rd best app for iPad in the Spanish App Store, and also was featured as App of the Week. The app can be used either in English, Spanish or Catalan.

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    Cost: $1.99
    12-27-2011 04:17 AM

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