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    a 22 year old teen girl. Who doesnt have a family to look after her needs? She is working in an Antique shop to mange her expenses. She always used to share about a fantasy world and its beauty with her friends and neighbors, what she saw in her dream. But no one will show interest on her talk. One day evening she was getting ready to leave the shop , suddenly she finds some glittering on the corner of the shop, she stepped to the place and she was attracted by an antique pot there. She stood nearby the pot and touched the lid. In a fraction of second, she was hauled inside the pot and pulled into a new world. After sometime she drops into a different world. She doesnt know where she is, but she realized, this is the world she envisions in her dream frequently. She admired the world and feels that she already experienced this place before. She stepped into the world with more confident.

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    12-27-2011 02:16 AM

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