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    The New Age of 2 Player Reactor (iPhone)

    Wonderful news! Say good bye to the age of Ninja Fruit. 〖2 Player Reactor〗 is released on the App Store!
    In celebration of the new version, 〖2 Player Reactor〗 is for FREE from 24 Dec. to 26 Dec during Xmas. A free in- app-purchase is also included in this version.
    Get it & enjoy it!!!


    Bravo! New version of 〖2-Player Reactor〗 launches!
    〖2-Player Reactor〗 is a head-to-head reflex game - simple, but always challenging. Think you have great reflexes? Find out by testing your skills against your friends in both your mental speed and finger speed. Use a combination of concentration and reflexes stay focused and move fast!

    The two player challenge mode enables endless fun keep sharpening your skills by challenging different opponents.

    Get it now challenge your friends!

    ★ Unique Characters ★
    Create your own character let it serve as your in-game avatar.
    ★ Bonus Gadgets ★
    Compete to unlock new levels and earn bonus gadgets to shock your opponent! Dont forget you may be hit back by the opponent.
    ★ Various Skill Sets ★
    Various question packs for children, youth, sport fans, etc. Get new packs from the store and play with anyone.
    ★Language Switch★
    Language can be switched between English and Chinese in Settings.
    12-23-2011 12:34 AM