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    Have you ever woken up in the morning still sleepy, even if you've slept more than enough?
    Well after all that there is a reason! As several studies have demonstrated not so much the hours of sleep that affect the quality of awakening but the cycles of sleep.
    During the night, in fact, our brain goes through several phases, which can lead to a heavier or lighter sleep. So it can happen to wake up in the middle of one of these cycles and feel sleepy.
    With this application, however, you can finally rest easy, because it will give you the times at which to wake up or if you prefer to go to sleep. All packaged in a beautiful UI that makes it even more enjoyable to use.

    What are you waiting for? Go back to sleep as you should, and wake up feeling fresh!

    Key Features:

    - Algorithm that determines the cycles of sleep accurately based on proven statistical data

    - Bi-directional algorithm , choose the time at which to wake up or go to sleep

    - Amazing UI carefully designed for the retina display

    - Animations that make it more pleasant and fun to use

    In additon I attached some screen-shoots to show you our UI.


    Here's the Appstore link: Freshly para iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (tercera generacin), iPod touch (cuarta generacin) y iPad en el App Store de iTunes
    Hope you like it!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ;D
    12-22-2011 04:11 AM