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    The most comprehensive Plant Reference iPhone App for Scientists, Instructors, and students. PlantPedia provides a wealth amount of information about over seven thousands of commonly seen Plants. Information such as scientific name, common name, states, growth form, flower, fruit and seed, foliage, etc, which can be as detailed as to what are the active growth period, minimum PH, seeds per pound, foliage texture, leaf retention properties, and many more.

    On top of those, there are pictures of each plants: seeds, leaves, flowers, drawings, and other diagrams.

    The most attractive feature is the "identify" function of the PlantPedia App, one can try to identify a plant by its flower color, foliage color, growth form, and shape and orientation. PlantPedia requires no internet connection to use, which makes it a very handy tool to identify and gain Plants knowledge outdoor.

    Features include:
    1. This version collects 7251 Plants;
    2. Browse by Plant name alphabetically;
    3. Browse by States;
    4. Instant name search while browsing;
    5. Identify Plants by flower color, foliage color, growth form, and shape and orientation;
    6. Plant pictures;
    7. Fruit and Seed information includes: seeds per pound, abundance, begin period, conspicuous, persistence, color, end period;
    8. Growth information includes: growth habit, shade tolerance, duration, active growth period, minimum root depth, growth rate, growth form, toxicity, minimum pH, and re-sprout ability;
    9. Foliage information includes: leaf retention, foliage color, porosity, and texture;
    10. Flower information includes: bloom period, conspicuous, and color;
    11. Scientific description for all plant properties;
    12. Email and share the app with friends;
    13. Link to PlantPedia on Facebook.
    14. Universal App, pay once, works on both iPhone and iPad. Never have to pay more!

    Perfect for both kids and adults to learn Plant information both in classroom and outdoor.

    You can find"PlantPedia"in APP STORE or ITUNS
    12-22-2011 01:43 AM

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