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    Hi everybody, I'm pleased to announce that my app, Lil Painter, is available for free for this holiday season.
    This coloring book app could be the perfect gift for kids of all ages, representing a safe medium that will encourage the development of their artist sides and imagination.

    Kids will get the chance to explore and paint over a plenty of coloring pages, the resulting work of a prominent graphic artist. Original illustrations, designed in-house specifically for this app, are organized in two packs: one for girls and the other for boys, each illustration representing a unique dream, a character with strong abilities and moral values like fairies, pirates, ballerinas, sirens, swordsmen, dragons, unicorns, etc.

    Why kids will love this app:
    * It's full of funny and gorgeous characters
    * Over 40 coloring pages and textured backgrounds to choose from
    * Engaging songs and sounds
    * Colors can be changed with a finger touch
    * Unfinished paintings can be saved to a personal gallery for later use
    * Finished paintings can be saved to camera roll

    * Five different tools: paint bucket, magic crayon, spray, chalk, eraser
    * Two types of color palettes either for novice or advanced users
    * Easy painting with magic crayon
    * Enable shape mode and normal mode painting
    * Enable lights and shadows
    * Enable erase all page on shake

    To download the app, just search for Lil Painter on App Store.

    For those that will try the app and will like it, I kindly ask them to leave a review on iTunes. The app is currently on top 50 on education, and any feedback is well received.
    12-21-2011 03:52 PM