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    Hey Bachelors, were here to finally provide a solution to the infamous Double Take. You know what Im talking about. When youre out by yourself or with friends and you spot the most beautiful girl youve ever laid your eyes on, momentarily look away, and quickly look back to convince yourself that this girl is real, THAT Double Take. For these tragic moments where guys do not know what to do in these situations we decided to build the Score a Date App.

    The Score a Date App is a unique Choose your own adventure Interactive IPhone, Ipad, and Android HD Video App that teaches guys how to successfully flirt and meet girls in real world scenarios! The App is filmed in first person point of view where your choices ultimately decide your fate in scoring a date with the main female star of each episode. Take your time going through each episode and pay special attention to the male dialogue (which is you), and how your moves are judged by each of our gorgeous girls.

    All of our current and future Episodes will be filmed on location in NYC, LA, and Miami. Each episode is filmed in high definition and we feature some of the hottest female models/actresses who have been featured in everything from Maxim, FHM, Details, Stuff Magazine to TV commercials and music videos. Below is a breakdown of the Episodes we have completed and whats on queue for 2012.

    Episode 1 Girl in Central Park (Completed, Live on the App store and Android Market)

    Episode 2 Tourist in Times Square (Completed, Live on the App Store & Android Market

    Episode 3 Happy Hour Hottie (Filmed/ Launching February 2012)

    Episode 4 College COED (Filmed/ Launching April 2012)
    12-21-2011 12:33 PM