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    Approach Memory Ace with caution. It is deceptively simple, fun and quickly can become addictive.

    Like the classic card game, Concentration, Memory Ace is played by tapping cards to flip them over and then remembering their locations to make pairs which fly off the page with a gentle whoosh, the bellow of an elk or the squawk of a bird. The highest scores are made by matching all the cards with the fewest flips.

    The game opens with a small set of cards to give the user a quick feel for the action. Options allow the addition of more cards and a selection of what to match: symbols, colors, flags, beetles, or famous paintings.

    Memory Ace runs on iOS: iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad and is available from the App Store.

    Memory Ace also runs on Android based tablets and mobile phones (Android 2.2+) and is available from both the Android Market and Amazon App Store.

    See myquizcard.com for more info.
    12-18-2011 10:41 AM