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    Hi, guys!

    SmartDecision has shipped its first app on the App Store. It is called Cerberus: Private Data Protected.

    Cerberus keeps all your private information like passwords, cards, documents, people, etc. Everything is protected by a master password.

    Our app is better than the competition for two reasons: it is FREE and has a nice interface, respecting the look and feel of iOS. Also it can handles data with texts, maps, images and websites.

    Cerberus has some optional and cool extra features that can be acquired by In-App Purchase: creation of new categories and field, color themes, disguise of the lock screen and multiple protected profiles. There is also a paid version that costs US$1.99 that comes with all the features.

    The forum does not let me post links and images, so check the App Store!
    12-16-2011 01:59 PM

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