1. RevJar's Avatar
    I'm a pastor and make lots of visits and attend lots of meetings. I'm looking for an app of a journal type that I can record notes about particular meetings attended that day that links to my calendar. It needs to be able to record particular events of the day (it can be tied to the particular event or just to the day). Password protection is not necessary, but syncing would be nice.
    12-15-2011 03:55 PM
  2. Alli's Avatar
    What about the Notes section of a calendar entry?
    12-15-2011 08:03 PM
  3. RevJar's Avatar
    Alli, thanks for the suggestion. It does what I'm needing, but I'm looking for something a bit more robust, possibly a calendar app that syncs with Google with a journal-type function built in, like a daily diary thing almost, if that makes sense.
    12-15-2011 08:54 PM
  4. Alli's Avatar
    I'm just thinking that the Notes in your calendar does sync to Google - if you're syncing your calendar to Google.
    12-15-2011 10:00 PM