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    We're excited to announce that we have just launched PhotoBlast, an awesome new iPhone app that lets you create hilarious, explosively fun photos of your family and friends for you to easily share on Facebook and Twitter.

    Here’s how it works:

    • Download the app from the App Store for free ( PhotoBlast App )
    • Take a new Pic or Choose a Pic from your library.
    • Pick from one of several theme packs to overlay images on your live camera view. Drag to position and pinch to rotate and resize the image.
    • After snapping a photo, you can tweak to get everything just right, or add more content!
    • You can also add one of several cool image filters to add even more realism!
    • Once you’re done, easily e-mail it to a friend or share on Facebook or Twitter!
    • We also sell additional, premium packs for just $.99 each!

    We hand-picked highly photorealistic images to help make your photos look as real as possible.
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