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    Cross posted from Apple Forums where it was buried in a matter of hours under all sorts of crap, so I doubt anyone there will ever see it.

    I downloaded the new BBC iPlayer app on Monday. Tuesday is when I tried to use it but it tells me I'm outside the UK and it won't play. It tells me the same when I try the web-based iPlayer.

    It works fine over WIFI.

    I reset my network settings - no change.

    I turned off data roaming - no change

    I checked my IP address (I am Orange), it lists a static IP based in the UK with Orange network details on it.

    I have a friend who works for BBC conent and he checked my IP with their iPlayer tool - my IP looks fine to them.

    I called Orange.

    I spent half an hour on the phone to a woman who didn't seem to even understand how apps worked. She directed me to a link on the Apple Support pages which doesn't even work. "They don't deal with 3rd party apps" was the last I was told, despite the fact I'm sure the problem is with the phone not the app itself.

    I am frustrated.

    Anyone got any idea why my phone would be showing (to the BBC iPlayer) that I am abroad?

    I cannot check the UK specific content for 4oD or ITV Player as they will only run on WIFI, and my WIFI connection does not appear to be the issue.

    Could Orange be re-routing outside of the UK and coming back to the UK...and that's what confusing it?

    What can I do to fix this?

    Thanks folks!
    12-14-2011 01:23 PM