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    ABCD For Kids - Enjoy the different experience of learning alphabets and environmental studies through ABCD for kids. It includes three sections , Alphabet , Activity and Interactivity. In alphabet section , your child will learn how to write an alphabet , how to pronounce it and also they will learn minimum of four words from each letter. In every touch, it allows your child to interact with phonetics and animated objects of every word, it will increase their curiosity in learning. ABCD for kids is not only for learning alphabets , it will also help your child to do some activities in the interactive section , this is one of the interesting section , where your child can involved himself in doing activities. In third section , they will play a jigsaw game to complete a scene, it will improve their identification skills.


    -They will learn maximum of four words along with each alphabet.
    -They will start pronouncing the alphabets as well as the words.
    -By playing the matching game , they will start recognize the objects.
    -A fun filling application with educational motivation.


    -Lively cartoon sketches that really appeal to small children
    -Animations and Phonetics
    -A Learning tool with interaction
    - Mind blowing graphics and backgrounds

    The ABCD For Kids For Ipad � Makes Learning Fun & Easy.
    ABCD For Kids for iPad on the iTunes App Store
    12-13-2011 01:21 AM
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    Wonderful app! My 3 years old son love it!
    12-14-2011 04:16 AM

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