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    hi guys i have now finished development of Cave Shooter 2, 1 wanted to share all new screen shots first here, also was hoping for feedback on how it looks, its a cave flyer game so take that into account.well here it is im quite proud of it.more details to follow soon.
    edit: i have removed old sreen shots here are the new ones below.

    The idea of cave shooter 2 is to navigate your ship through different worlds and kill the giant Badrobatans deep within.

    You have to avoid contact with the walls and shoot your way through the laser barriers.
    At the end of each level it all a-culminates into a showdown against an evil alien Badrobatan.

    32 levels spanning 4 worlds.
    32 unique bosses to defeat.
    Great looking Graphics.
    No 2 levels are alike.
    Unique Cave Flyer GamePlay.
    3 star System across each level.
    Tilt controls or virtual joystick available.
    33 game center achievements and leader boards
    Detailed Player statistics.
    Huge Replay Value.

    well guys what do you think hope you like them. please feel free to leave any comments,all previous comments were really helpfull. thanks colyn

    edit: (5th dec 2011) hot of the press . Cave Shooter 2 will be released before the end of december.

    edit (7th dec 2011) well here goes guys Cave Shooter 2 has been Approved and will be released on the 21st dec 2011.not long to wait now but in the mean time here finally is a game play video. enjoy.all feedback welcome.

    12-12-2011 12:16 PM