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    The " Ideas for Concept " is a new productivity app in the iOS market. It serves as ideation platform to create ideas and concepts for any situation.This app allows you to be the "idea person" in your organization.

    Features of the app :

    ★concept = idea + idea + idea + ....
    eg) a pencil with an eraser tip = pencil + eraser + tip + ....

    In our app,
    Idea means each products, thoughts, things or industries also.

    ★Concept means new things comes from linked each things.

    Do you need ideas for concept?
    Use this Ideas for Concept.
    This "Ideas for Concept" will help you to link each ideas.

    ★Even you can use this 'Ideas for Concept' to create project's name or team name.
    Also, you can use this 'ideas for Concept' to get a patent and a big bucks.
    Even you can use this 'ideas for Concept' to achieve breakthrough.
    There is no limitation for applying, This app can be widely applied.

    Masayoshi Son, the CEO of SoftBank in Japan, has used this way.
    (eg: SoftBank = Software + Bank + more..)

    ★If you need more insight, you can ask advice to others through SMS or Email.
    you can also share your "Concepts" with others on Twitter or Facebook.
    (Consider legal issues in ownership of your ideations.)

    ★Do you need hunch?
    Try this app!!
    and give your hunch the opportunity to meeting the other's advice!

    ★We provide useful templates for you, even you can edit/add your templates.

    Download : Ideas for Concept

    Hope you all enjoy the app
    12-11-2011 11:24 PM